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In each trial, participants were either presented with a memory array followed by a test probe, or with two successive memory arrays.

Participants were instructed to update their working memory with the information in the second array.

This is an intriguing example of how our brain balances stability and flexibility, when organising its knowledge.

The client receives feedback on his performance at regular intervals (approx. The aim of this feedback is to maintain the client’s motivation at an optimal level.

The second array differed from the first one in all, some, or none of the items.

When a subset of the items was updated, the probe could appear in the location of a repeated item or of an updated item.

This means one could treat working memory in the same way as perception – i.e., memories are based on inferring the cause of sensations, except that the time scale ranges from an instant to prolonged anticipation.

In this setting, working memory is susceptible to prior information encoded in the brain’s model of its world.

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