Windows media center epg not updating

Guide successfully updated manually at Eastern this morning (now twelve days of program information available) - it had one day left on the existing one.

Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.

If you are getting the proper feed then you should have a fortnight's worth of data - plus a lot more metadata.

(I'm getting only the OTA EPG data too) Is this a premature end of media centre?

From discussions on this thread and recommendations from ewtaylo1 (huge thanks!

) I was able to put together a workaround which works for my system and from feedback I’ve received in twitter it appears to be working on other systems.

This conversion appears to have been the cause of having no television guide information available in Windows Media Center after July 20 I recommend avoiding the tasks above if you media center system is currently working but is just missing the guide data.

I found an existing discussion on this topic at

The Green Button: Media Center EPG Cutover Microsoft Connect: Media Guide Expired Most of the Windows Media Center news this year has focused around whether or not our favorite DVR software is being killed off. One of the primary reasons we’ve said that it isn’t dead is that Microsoft continues to make Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data available to the Media Center guide.EPG123 plus a Schedules Direct subscription may be the long-term solution, especially if someone plans to use WMC after 2020 I can't support this information by providing a link, but I think that it is OK to use the same Schedules Direct account for multiple computers (or multiple applications) in the same residence, within reason.(Too many requests within a specified period of time will cause the account to be blocked until Schedules Direct can investigate the situation.) If someone wants service for a secondary residence too, then they have to buy a second membership, but subscribers are limited to two memberships.Users of Microsoft’s Media Center PCs report that their electronic program guides (EPGs) aren't downloading data, or are offering incorrect data, nobbling their ability to use their boxen as video recorders. I've just triggered a guide update that has an expiry date of 17 Sept.In the Media Center feedback thread at users report receiving no data, data for the wrong location, images … It falls back to getting the EPG from the OTA data, which makes it a bit hard to spot exactly, but the HD channels have had a blank EPG here for about 2-3 days, so I'm guessing the web-based EPG went off the air about the 1st-2nd September. If you have 7 days then that's the standard over-the-air EPG data from Freeview.

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