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The interview referenced could be from a September Vogue UK story that several outlets picked up.In the piece, Watson said she went on a silent retreat to clear her head before the relationship ended, People reported."We made that song and started becoming close again.It's very dope and I like how that worked out." "We hung out for a long time and everything just happened organically. "She's very caring but, also, we have a lot of fun. Adventures can be driving around in the car aimlessly.actress responded to a tweet in which a user (who has since locked their account) referenced an interview where Watson supposedly spoke about a recent breakup."I have never spoken about my personal relationships," Watson wrote.

The threat to Watson turned out to be a hoax, but during a live Facebook Q&A to publicize the He For She equality campaign and International Women’s Day, Watson spoke out for the first time about those threats saying: A lot of people that were close to me knew gender equality was an issue but didn’t think it was that urgent. We’ve got far enough.” When they saw that the minute I stepped up and talked about women's rights I was immediately threatened. There were those who felt that Watson’s speech (like Patricia Arquette’s recent, controversial Oscars night comments) wasn’t inclusive of all women.You can bet any woman wearing a cumbersome gown was jealous of Watson’s ease., the actress also tried her hand at guest editing.of Emma including Candids, Public Appearances, Photoshoots and Movies Pictures.Save for some false rumors about a secret romance with Prince Harry, the interviewer's suggestion that her star power might intimidate potential suitors.PHOTOS: Hot Brits "The boyfriends or partners I've had have generally made me feel really cherished," she told the mag. I certainly haven't found that with doing all that I do or being all that I am, that I've struggled in my love life.

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