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How you don’t have to fit a certain profile – you don’t have to be a male model, you don’t have to change your personalty…. I know you’re excited to find what you should be saying on Tinder, so let’s get into it…Tinder is a crowded jungle.When you (try to) start a conversation with a girl, chances are she’s already talking with a few guys and has a handful (or more) of other guys that are message to her to try and start a conversation, it’s no wonder she doesn’t respond…

Unlike other apps you don't have to swipe through 1000s of people before you can communicate.It’s a guilty pleasure for myself and my colleagues.However, what I find interesting is what people do with said online dating profile. I have plenty of successful and attractive ones in my social circles. I do however ask that those who PM me be able to speak proper English, or at least make an honest effort to. I live on the east coast, usa so keep that in mind when writing to me. I love variety in sex so keep me interested with ... Here to put white bitches and sissy sluts down on their right place. Stop sending friend requests, if i want you as a friend, i will request. lol My interests tend towards BDSM and D/s, but I can take that or leave it, honestly.

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