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Jotkut kommentoijista ovat kummastelleet, miten rutiköyhällä voi olla varaa kirjoitella blogia tietokoneella. Luultavasti jäljelle jääneiden raivo olisi valtava. Mutta tosiasia on, ettei useimpien itsemurhien taustalla ole vain yhtä tekijää.

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I mean, are there any other threads or forums this active? Me = Sure, Tumblr is great for drooling over the USWNT, but we can also have actual in-depth discussions about the team, the games, etc. I've learned so much about the sport and have been a better fan. Ruh roh, I may have just opened up a can of crap... Ruh roh, I may have just opened up a can of crap... Ruh roh, I may have just opened up a can of crap... I know they're good friends, but jeeze they've got zero chemistry on the field.

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'He’s very relieved that things are not playing out in public anymore.' In January the two superstars agreed to take their very public spat private and work out the custody issues with a judge.'It was a rough time, but they were able to resolve it,' added the source.