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Damask is a rich reversable, rich patterned fabric, created by weaving.Created in the early middle ages, the name is derived from the city of Damascus, where the fabric originates.The machine may date from 1890, but it would still be considered "late" and common in most cases.Machines like this do have value, but we do not deal in them, and they are usually sold as decorative pieces rather than to sewing machine collectors.On this page I will discuss the types of "antique" sewing machines we do not buy, sell, or deal in, and why.Please read this page before contacting me with your sewing machine.The machine was manufactured at Kankanee, Illinois at a factory that had belonged to H. During their troubled existence, Foley and Williams continued to make 'Goodrich' machines at Kankanee.

A good rule of thumb for determining the desirability of any early sewing machine is its serial #.

Perhaps someday I'll refurbish it, and when that happens, it will be important to know a little more about the machine.

Thanks to Singer's recent 160th anniversary celebration, I was able to pinpoint my antique machine's model year by entering its serial number into Singer's online database.

The advertisement continued: 'While we warrant this for 5 years and will replace any defective parts free of charge during this period, we do not recommend the Oakland.

Under all circumstances you are advised, if possible, to order one of the better grades.' People who ignored the recommendation received a drop-head machine in a five-drawer treadle, enamelled in black and decorated in gold.

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