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Meet the cougars: Jane - age 59, lives with her cub in their eclectic San Jose, California home.She met her husband Andrew, 27, five years ago and they found a shared perspective on life.But hey, that’s city life what are ya gonna do, meet up in Wylie?As our brethren who’ve moved here from the West often note, Dallas is flat and geologically uninteresting.● Stone Rose Lounge (West Hollywood) – The East Coast version of this star-lit bar is NY’s reigning cougar palace.This is similar, except the furniture—and the cougars—are a burnt orange.Keep a scarf, umbrella, and jacket in your car, just in case.

Im a friendly person, loving honest, caring, hard working, i like to cook, i love riding I am simple i'm dressing up the way i feel compotable I am looking for long term seriouse relationship if possible for life time Am a 34 year women that like to have fun easy going not wild love animal and like going not a fansy women don't dress up am just my normal self I am 4.I have a great job, wonderful family and friends who I adore.My hobbies include, camping, dancing, music, fishing, sewing, learning new things, football (English football I like sport such as spinning, handballand more.Once their relationship began, there was no stopping them.Whether they're on the battlefield reenacting the Civil War with their cannons, feeding their chickens, caring for their silkworms, or exploring a new passion, this odd couple does absolutely everything together.

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