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If you met them separately, you would never guess they were brothers.But their oil-and-water partnership helped them create Bae, a dating app for black people.Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Dean Melcher was the kind of guy who befriended girls easier than boys.He was a tad shy, consistently thoughtful and surrounded by women, but he still couldn't get a girlfriend.In 2014, black women were 17% to 20% less likely to get responses from non-black men on OKCupid, while black men were 8% to 27% less likely to match with a woman of a different race.According to the OKCupid analysis, 82% of non-black men on the platform exhibit some form of racial bias against black women.After an awkward conversation, she decides to let him finish what her boyfriend started.

The Gerrards cite an OKCupid study showing that black users experience a strong negative bias in online dating.Bae works pretty much like Tinder, but tailor-made for black users.The Gerrards came up with the idea after they realized how difficult it is for black singles to find dates on existing platforms."If you are a black person, you see Tinder as a white app," says Brian.Before I even saw his face, I dug this artist’s unique raw nature and genre-shattering R&B edge.The R&B genre itself seems to be shifting in a new direction, thanks to the likes of crooners such as FKA Twigs, SZA, and The Weeknd, a.k.a. We’re talking The Weeknd’s “House of Balloons” here. So back to Bae #2 Bryson Tiller, who recently released a new music video for “Don’t,” one of my favorite Tiller tracks. And I don’t particularly care to see black women pussy-popping in degrading music videos. The leading lady was depicted as the kind of Asian exotical chick whose racially-ambiguous look is heavily trending at the current moment in popular culture.

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"I think I was kind of clueless and oblivious," admits Melcher, who spent his early 20s lingering in the friend zone.

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