Armory not updating 3 0 2

Along with that, Blizzard has published its patch notes.Although not a major patch, it includes a couple things that players have been requesting for more than a year.In addition, crafting mats will now be automatically placed in their own designated storage area.This will free up valuable storage space for weapons and armor, something that has become particularly important in recent years with the popularity of legendary items.Further, it is used as an official flag in some of the smaller British overseas territories.

Primal Ancient items will be added to the cache of currently available items with patch 2.5.0.

The claim that the term Union Jack properly refers only to naval usage has been disputed, following historical investigations by the Flag Institute in 2013.

The origins of the earlier flag of Great Britain date back to 1606.

The in-game items with the Legendary rarity level have also been adjusted.

For instance, the Rimeheart item will now have an improved chance of automatically casting its Legendary power on frozen targets. The Strongarm Bracers will also receive an added damage bonus applied with enemy knockback.

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